Analyttica Datalab: Innovative Analytical Solutions to Create Sustained Business Impact

Rajeev Baphna, Founder & CEO, Analyttica DatalabRajeev Baphna, Founder & CEO
The Banking Analytics space has flourished longer than its counterparts such as telecom, healthcare, retail and others. Over the years the pain points in the banking analytics industry have also evolved with it and have grown sophisticated. Real time decision making is one of the crucial needs of the hour that solution vendors have failed to resolve in this domain. “Financial institutions are transitioning from legacy to modern and advanced data transaction systems. Analytics is required to create business impact from a combination of structured and unstructured information,” says Rajeev Baphna, Founder and CEO, Analyttica Datalab. “Additionally, there is an ever evolving need for trained talent, management, solutions, products, and tools in the analytical space. Thus, evolved Analyttica Datalab.”

Headquartered in U.S., Analyttica Datalab's products are designed to integrate with the clients’ financial platform to take crucial decisions effectively. Analyttica’s TreasureHuntTM is an advanced experiential analytics training and collaborative data mining platform with ready to deploy solutions. It engages users to understand business problems, focuses on industry expertise , deep analysis, and simulation. The platform helps financial institutions to understand and resolve business challenges. “Our platform trains users to solve the issue through simulation and also guides them to arrive at a conclusion through artificial intelligence,” says Baphna. This platform penetrates into data analytics to segregate resourceful information for organizations in the banking space. Through this, the business can achieve significant growth, where evaluation of assets and losses turns out to be effortless. In addition, the platform integrates structured and unstructured data to perform the relevant operations for the client.

The company plays the role of consultant as well as service provider to serve an array of customers spread across various regions. “We direct organizations and provide services, where we manage item and hold based models that are actualized into groups of our customers,” asserts Baphna. With their engagement model, Analyttica is trying to shift the users from legacy model to modern ones. Moreover, Analyttica owns the capability to transform the platforms into main stream ones to enhance the operations with the help of data.

Analyttica's client base spans across U.S, Europe, and South East Asia. For instance, a large bank in U.S. approached Analyttica to identify potential customers to sell their credit cards. Analyttica, with the help of deposit balances and tenure segmented the customers through their effective framework. The client was able to identify specific customers on the basis of low, medium, and high need for credit for efficient targeting. Analyttica’s deep expertise and knowledge about banking organizations enabled them to taste success effortlessly.

Our platform trains the users to solve the issue through our simulations and also guides them to arrive at a conclusion through artificial intelligence

Commenting on the company’s tenacious journey, Baphna says, “Technology, advanced analytics, and banking experience are the three pillars of our firm, which we leverage to fulfill customers’ experience and satisfaction.”
Moving ahead, Analyttica is planning to concentrate in transforming itself into a solution-centric firm. “We are aiming to achieve the status of an end-to-end analytical solutions firm, with a strong focus on intelligent platforms in the near future. Through this initiative, our company will transform into full-fledged solution provider to hold a stable position in the financial landscape,” concludes Baphna.