Top 10 Banking Analytics Companies
Altair Management Consultants: Banking Analytical Management Innovators

Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Companies - 2019

The Banking industry is most prone to the uncertainties owing to its dependence on global trends, changing regulations and varying demographics of consumers. To thrive in changing times, banks need to streamline their internal operations by efficiently managing and identifying patterns from the growing amounts of data. Data is considered as the currency of banking institutions as they record millions of business transactions daily in real-time. Banks and financial institutions are processing this unstructured customer-related data through analytical tools to break down silos and improve security. The resulting analytical report provides insights for fraud detection, risk management, customer spending & investment pattern, compliance, financial reporting, market segmentation, product customization and many more.

Incorporating analytics solutions into the cybersecurity strategy of banks is the key to address security challenges. While using techniques such as association rules, clustering, and peer group analysis can spot abnormal behaviours, predictive analytics using historical data can uncover fraud in real-time. A few of these prominent solutions providers are featured in this edition, namely Altair Management Consultants, a consulting boutique that masters in assembling strategic vision, analytical skills and business transformation experience to deliver Banking Analytical Management (BAM) and UBQuant, a provider of cloud-based bank performance-analytics platform that provides a comprehensive analytics solution for the UBPR and Call Report analysis.

Alongside these players in the market we have selected top vendors from the sector that have the capability to develop innovative technologies and methodologies along the banking value chain, while providing incomparable customer service. These may also be the recommended firms by your peers.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Providers – 2019.

    Top 10 Banking Analytics Companies

  • Altair Management Consultants is a firm in the spirit of a high value-added boutique. The essence of our activity could be defined as Management Engineers. The company has the ability and professional experience to understand the key factors in business management in order to identify the potential value-added areas and manage their effective implementation. The company’s clients are top executives and managing directors who require resolving with quality and competence their key agenda topics in Strategy, Organization, Marketing-Sales and Operations

  • Kentara is providing banks and credit unions worldwide with risk pricing and risk capital consulting services. In order to assist lenders to balance danger and award, to assess, enhance their efficiency and to obtain insight into legal requirements and good practice, the organization mobilizes the correct personnel, abilities, company analytics and software layout. With statistics, predictive modeling, pressure testing, information mining, operational analyses and the capacity to transmit outcomes to suitable audiences Kentara allows organizational management to draw up data-rich perspectives for driving company planning and potential performance. The consulting services from Kentara enable organisations to carry out sophisticated and required big bank capital calculations and to use financial risk calculations on each transaction to ensure a risk-based pricing for the entire organization

  • The company offers a cloud-based bank performance-analytics platform that provides a comprehensive analytics solution for the UBPR and Call Report analysis, with standard or custom bank peer groups and standard or custom ratio analysis. In addition, the company helps banking institutions with standard and critical financial ratios (key indicators of the financial performance of the entity). The company has organized the industry standard financial ratios for intuitive access and better analytics. On the other hand, banks can define their own financial ratios and save those to make it their way of analyzing the data and UBQuant insights engine transforms the data for clients’ needs

  • ADRM Software

    ADRM Software

    ADRM Software is the leading autonomous manufacturer of industry-specific data designs to assist organizations in solving their issues rapidly, confidently, and efficiently through a wide array of requirements. ADRM Software was a pioneer in developing and applying large-scale industrial data templates consisting of built-in Template sets and industry-specific data models combining industry best practices, large format graphics, and detailed business-friendly definitions. ADRM software products are the most extensive, transparent and embedded data models accessible on the market today, offering major global businesses across 65 distinct company lines in ten organizations

  • DBSI


    DBSI is the driving force behind the changing face of financial institutions. DBSI offers extensive conversion facilities for branches including strategic planning, design development, branding, technology, electronic signage, design, key integration and facilities, making what a typically complicated project easy and convenient. The organization offers the economic organizations tested and demonstrated alternatives that assist them to become more lucrative, more consumer-friendly and at the same moment reduce their operating expenses. The organization’s knowledge has spans almost two centuries and collaborated with thousands of companies and banks in the nation

  • Intuitive Analytics

    Intuitive Analytics

    Intuitive Analytics (IA) provides intelligent public financing alternatives more quickly. The organization streamlines company procedures in government, finance and integrates bond structuring and market threat governance in a way no one else does, utilizing embedded, implemented instruments based on intuitive layout and ease of use. IA offers a structure for taking hard choices, from varying rate danger to liquidity, from interest rate swaps to organized notes. To better comprehend the essence of the actual world issues that encounter them in a less moment, IA frees public finance experts and decision-makers from the constraints contained in telegram sets and conventional bond software

  • Journey Technology Solutions

    Journey Technology Solutions

    Journey Technology Solutions (Journey) was established in July2012 to support the financial institutions of the Community in addressing the different technical problems facing the economic sector. Journey passion means: using the company's expertise, combining business strategy with technological implementation and making competitive playing fields easier for financial institutions within the society. Journey Technology Solutions automates board accounting, increases trendy day-to-day leadership accounts, all tailored for clients. The objective of Journey Technology Solutions is to provide the banking industry with continuous ideas and an unmatched benefit

  • Starschema


    Starschema is a first-rate player in the field of business intelligence: we have a long history of excellence in a significant area of Big Data, Data Science and Architecture. Starschema thinks that information can alter the world and data-driven companies lead the way. The organization helps other organizations in creating stronger company choices, develop smarter products, and provide their clients, staff and shareholders with more importance. The organization explores the toughest company issues of its clients and develops alternatives and technologies necessary to compete and make a gain in a data-driven globe



    Debt Exchange (DebtX) is the world's first full-service retail, customer and finance credit consultant. DebtX serves corporate, equity banks, insurer and public-funded enterprises as its biggest internet marketing marketplace. The DebtX creative platform for deal leadership and credit selling optimize the profits and has been evaluated and endorsed for functionality, safety and privacy by many of the world's advanced financial institutions. DebtX offers assessment and marketing facilities, including objective market-to-market sales valuations that include information of hundreds of thousands of credits, by using single pricing models. DebtX offers web-based business management tools for experts from the trade union, organization and credit sales

  • The Python Quants Group

    The Python Quants Group

    The Python Quants is a banking analytics solution provider that designs and delivers a browser based application development and financial analytics platform for finance and algorithmic trading