Top 10 Banking Analytics Technology Companies
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Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Companies - 2015

Today, banks have access to a vast number of data sources that flood their networks with businesses related information. To prevent networks from buckling under the heavy traffic, CIOs are leveraging solutions on Big Data and cloud-based analytics to govern, organize, and control the data flow. These practices help banks organize data and gain valuable insights into the dynamic banking landscape along with improving the business workflow.

Going forward, analytics will play the role of an enabler in the banking sector. CIOs can leverage predictive models combined with business intelligence reports to gain insight into previously unattainable data such as customer attrition rates and bottlenecks in their banking operations. The ability to extract such insights will create new revenue channels and help in meeting client expectations.

The analytics will also empower banks with better decision making capabilities and better governance in their operations. To help CCOs, CFOs, and CEOs find the right banking analytics tool, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CFOs, VCs, analysts, and the CIO Outlook editorial board has selected top players from the sector. The companies listed here demonstrate an ability to develop innovative technologies and methodologies, while providing outstanding customer service.

We present to you CIO Outlook’s 10 Most Promising Banking Analytics Solution Providers 2015.

    Top 10 Banking Analytics Technology Companies

  • Actian Analytics manages large sets of data at a faster rate with better performance.

  • Enabling innovative analytical decision and learning with solutions to create sustained business impact across the customer lifecycle.

  • Provides analytic business solutions for risk management, improves performance management and plan strategies to become more competitive by minimizing risks.

  • Evolven’s IT Operations Analytics delivers the intelligence IT operations crave, turning piles of data into actionable information.

  • Provider of computer analytics software and tools that makes data readily available to multiple industries

  • Offers advisory services and analytical solutions that help banks refine their marketing decisions, customer strategies, sales and service activities

  • Novum is a solution-based consulting firm and a leading advisor to banks on strategies for data and analytics to reduce risk, increase profitability, and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Combines real-time performance and robust IT infrastructure for standard and custom business solutions that address the most computationally demanding calculations and complex analytics challenges

  • Provider of consulting, managed services and technology for financial services.

  • Producer of a family of interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence.