Top Banking Analytics Technology Companies

Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Companies - 2016

Today, banks have access to a vast number of data sources that flood their networks with businesses related information. To prevent networks from buckling under the heavy traffic, CIOs are leveraging Big Data and cloud-based analytics solutions to govern, organize, and manage the data flow. These practices help banks organize data and gain valuable insights into the dynamic banking landscape along with improving the business workflow.

Going forward, analytics will play the role of an enabler in the banking sector. CIOs can leverage predictive models combined with business intelligence reports to gain insights into previously unattainable data such as customer attrition rates and bottlenecks in their banking operations. The ability to extract such insights will create new revenue channels and help in meeting client expectations.

To help CIOs and CFOs find the right banking analytics solution provider, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CFOs, VCs, analysts, and the Banking CIO Outlook editorial board has selected top players from the sector. The companies listed here demonstrate an ability to develop innovative technologies and methodologies, while providing outstanding customer service.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Providers 2016.

    Top Banking Analytics Technology Companies

  • Provides solution for mitigating risk with high-performance in-database analytics complemented with extensive connectivity and data preparation

  • EXL


    EXL provides operations management, decision analytics, and technology platforms to organization

  • The company delivers tools in self-service analytics that are designed for users and product managers

  • MapR provides a converged data platform that integrates Hadoop and Spark with enterprise storage and real-time database capabilities to harness useful data

  • Offering a complete portfolio of financial crime and market compliance solutions

  • Provider of intelligent behavioral-analytics security software

  • Provides the finance sector with superior analytics, big data and data warehouse solutions

  • Offers a seamless experience to connect,visualise, and share data from PC to iPad

  • A provider of business analytics, predictive analytics, consulting, and services for business process transformation

  • Provides web-based tools to increase operational efficiency, information transparency, and investment performance of businesses